It is indeed sad that thousands of people are losing good money to scammers who pose as the Mr. Know-it-all, who act like they’re genius. Football betting has taken over and in as much as it makes people earn many not really worked for, it’s all about luck. But some have gone to the extent of taking their own lives. Why? Because, they used rent money on a bet which they lost, a student used all the fees on a bet in the hope he/she will win and get some pocket money. We have tipsters or those who provide chosen odds at a price and usually the price can be large paid weekly, daily or monthly. This fee is what many people are losing to scammer tipsters. 

A couple of friends have paid money in the name of maybe subscription to get right audited betslips/tips. Ending up to be disappointed that maybe 5-7 out of the 10 teams fail to give the predicted result. So today we have sat down and prepared 5 things to consider when choosing a tipster. 

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5 things to check when choosing a tipster
5 things to consider when choosing a tipster

1. Focus on What You Want

You’re looking for a tipster for a sole purpose. To provide predicted outcomes. And you want the correct outcomes. If for instance you’re into the SportPesa Jackpot try comparing the tipsters’ predictions and turn around ration. Their probability of winning. 

Don’t go for a tipster because they are cheap, cheap is expensive remember. Pay much and make much in return. If you wanted the day’s bets choose good teams that you know are always win, don’t place all the predicted outcomes, you will lose. 

2. Compare Different Tipsters

There are a couple of tipsters, many are scammers and you should be keen when handling them. You should be extra careful because this is not just anything. This involves the use of money. 

Comparing them will offer with a chance to get one whose predictions are more accurate and most trusted by many other betters like you. Bookmakers should not worry you, any bookmaker has their own odds, you should focus on the turn around rate. 

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3. Read People’s Reviews. 

Reviews and comments are important. If for instance only 2 of team people out of 10 are not complaining about their services then who are you to trust them? Maybe those two are themselves or just parody accounts to give you some hope? 

Do through social media updates by tipsters and follow their conversations. Learn whether they do communicate with their partners or betters on this case. If you have a problem will they get back to you and respond? 

4. Communication Strategy

A good company will always have a good and laid down communication strategy. Any company that wants to up their sales will always listen to customers. The only way through which they can respond quickly is through social media.

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If the rate at which they reply messages on Facebook is “replies in 1 day or 5 hours or 3 hours or 1 hour ” think twice. They should have a communications manager. One social media manager to reply all questions. 

Establish that a tipster or tipster company or website have a laid down plan on communication. Make sure they reply and follow up their customer needs. 

5. Social Media Presence

Social Media controls everything. If you have noticed several tipsters are advertising their services using Facebook. Ensure that all these companies have social media pages; twitter, facebook and others. 

The Facebook page should not be just for luring users into signing up. There response should be at least less than 5 minutes but more preferably it good be “immediately”.

I hope with those few 5 things to consider before choosing a tipster. More things are coming just stay tuned in our next article on the same.