Going through the Inifnix Zero 3 I would proudly say I love this phone that is build with both love elegance and everything. Inifnix haven’t been so a bigger disappointment but believe me I have my differneces with Infinix though. When it comes to storage, their flagships are always 16GB in ROM. I am waiting for a change. That’s not to say their phone features ain’t awesome. They are just as fluidy and elegant as they have always been. Featuring larger displays and recently the Infinix Hot 2 which was dubbed the Infinix Big 6 that featured an almost 6.0 inch display. I don’t like phones that tell me running low on space when I got all my favorite apps installed.

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There are a couple of reasons why I love Infinix Zero 3. Infinix Zero 3 is the successor of the Infinix Zero 2 that was launched long ago and there is quite a difference between them when it comes to display size. Well am not talking of Infinix Zero 2 but Zero 3. So below are my reasons why I have this love for the Zero 3.


Table of Contents for 5 Things I Love About Infinix Zero 3

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The Zero 3 Camera

Believe me there’s love that feels my eyes and all instagrammers and photographers can bear witness that the Infinix Zero 3 is such a hit when it comes to cameras. It features a 20.7MP (Megapixels) primary camera, the rear camera that features a Sony Sensor. The sensor is wonderful and takes rear photography to a whole new level. The rear camera has a LED flash light that surely will dismiss possible dim situations. As in the 20.7MP camera will surely work wonderful even under poor light conditions.

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The rear camera captures elegant HD quality pictures. With the camera is capable of capturing 4K videos. It shoots the 1080P screen resolution pictures. You can capture elegant HD pictures with alittle twerks in lighting, white balance and so forth.

Additionally, the Zero 3 features a 5.0 Megapixels is such a wonderful cam for the front camera. It is a good camera for selfie shooting and also when it comes to video calling with apps like Skype, imo and many more that are capable of doing video calling.

5.5 FHD Display

Many people have had the smaller end devices. Even some pretty expensive iPhones have 4-inch diplays. Infinix Zero 3 features a 5.5 inch FHD display screen. The 5.5 inch display screen is larger  enough for  both wathcing videos, doing the gaming way. Enjoy unlimited gaming with wondeful and clear, high quality and HD graphics in yuour gaming experience. This is capable thanks to the larger 1080p screen resolution with a 441 ppi pixel density to make sure every pixel counts.

Infinix Xero 3’s 5.5 FHD screen is not a walk in town. Even though we have thousands or phone brands that are 5.5 inch ( generally referred to as phablets) but Infinix Zero 3 has something else, the important 4k video capability. You can watch powerful and HD videos directly from the Infinix Zero 3 smartphone (phablet).

Wonderful Design

Design is what sells, and if you can’t invest in design then you’re deemed to fail believe me. If you’re selling a better designed but poorly in terms of specs will sell more than a wonderfully blessed device with specs but poorly designed. The display is a 5.5 inch display that is strengthened with the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that hardens the device and improves screen resistance.
The Infinix Zero 3 is elegantly designed, a good device well enough to fit in one’s palm and pocket. It is a light device so you won’t struggle moving it from one point to another. You wont add weight if you’re carrying the phone.


I love devices that wont lag behind when performing an operation. This usually happens because of the amount of RAM that is available for the device. You can play any game on the Infinix Zero 3 thanks to the device storage of 16GB and wonderful 2GB RAM which will guarantee enough and awesome performance.

You won’t notice any hanging with this device.



The Infinix Gadgets always have wonderful battery capacities. They have never been a disappointment when it comes to this. The Infinix Zero 3 features a 3030mAh battery. Thanks to the flash charges by Infinix that will always get your battery the enough charge within limited time. Additionally, the device has battery management that will always get your device to last a length time even when it is only 15%. Wonderful isn’t it?

No device lacks flaws and for the Infinix Zero 3 it has its own. Will share in a couple of days to come. Stay tuned.


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