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The time when 4G network is revolutionizing our navigation experience by becoming really usable, we ask ourselves what will change for people who download from the internet. Imagine the speed you would download at while using your 4G network. Will you incur more charges or will you need much data bundles to perform a download? If the 3G speed can go at the current speeds that we have witnessed today and other days that have passed from

What is 4G? 4G (also known as LTE) is the 4th generation of mobile technology which succeeds the 3G, which to date has been mostly used for smartphones, offering speeds of up to 42Mbps. In telecommunications, 4G is now offering what is known as “mobile broadband,” in other words data transmission at a speed that is 15 times faster than 3G!

4G network and what if offers

So what has really changed with the 4G?


The speed at which information passes through the network. With 4G, users can surf the internet at very high speeds. Suffice to say that this increase in sharing and downloading speeds opens up lots of exciting new perspectives. Simply put, with 4G you will be able to download a song instantly, and a film of 700MB will be available on your smartphone in less than two minutes!

Farewell interminable latency, now the most complex web pages are displayed in seconds and you will be able to browse one website after another as easily as if you were connected to your broadband at home.

You will be able to stream like never before no errors while viewing or watching your videos from video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. That is the kind of technological evolution and advancement that everyone will be hoping for. The kind you don’t have to worry about how long it will take to give you the download you want.

Remember that moment when your battery is 10% and you’re downloading a 200MB movie but because your internet speed is slow you end up having your phone shut down before downloading the video. Now with 4G LTE network you will be able to get that just at an instant. Upload files at fastest speeds ever witnessed. No need to worry about timeout on your web page while loading a page.

With 4G coming within our midst what you will have to worry about is the storage space and no longer will you worry about your speed. I believe you get what I mean with this kind of speeds ever witnesed. Imagine like you’re connected to your broadband where there’s no worry of speed and their fluctuations.

What is your take will you embrace 4G network technology?? You thoughts.


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