3 Days Left to Register your Bamba Decoder


Bamba TV is one of the most bought and one of the most promising free to air digital set-top box with premium channels (not much)  included for free. 

For your to use your Bamba Decoder for free without any interruptions you will need to register your Bamba Decoder. 

Most users of Bamba Decoder think that the decoder is pre-activated, yes well, Bamba has their decoders activated for a period of 60 days. After that, if you haven’t registered youe decoder do so now because, you only have 3 days to register your Bamba decoder. 

bamba TV registrationBamba has allowed their customers to register their decoders using the USSD codes 


You need to register your Bamba box by dialing *297# to continue receiving 30 plus world class Bamba channels. 

You have 4 days remaining with the last day being 31st October 2016. If you don’t register you will not be able to view the 30+ Bamba channels. Don’t be left in the dark, Register Now. Bamba TV, FREE FOR LIFE
Consequences of Not Registering with People

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